All my life I’ve wanted a place that would allow me to look out the window and see my horses grazing in the pasture.

In 2014 that dream came true with the purchase of a small acreage just west of Adel, Iowa.

My little slice of heaven offers starry skies, open fields, an abundance of wildlife, and yes, the view of my horses in the pasture!



Welcome to Nine Acres Farm!

Nine Acres Farm is home to many animals including horses, ponies, dogs and cats but in 2016 I decided to add goats to my menagerie. I did a lot of research on goats comparing different breeds and their unique characteristics and finally decided on Myotonic goats for their smaller size and friendly nature.

Since the purchase of my first goat I have fallen in love with this little muscle packed breed. Their sweet personalities make them super pets whether you are looking for show goats, breeding goats or just to have a fun weed eating machine around your house.

It’s very important to me as a breeder to carry on the best qualities of my goats and adhere to the breed characteristics set forth by the Myotonic Goat Registry. I believe every goat should be bred with the intention of enhancing the line and therefor only breed for show and breeding quality goats. I strive for good structure, muscle mass and above all healthy goats. Every goat over 12 months of age is tested annually for CL, CAE, and Johne’s.

I’ve started my small herd with some of the best lines from multiple states and am very proud of the goats of Nine Acres Farm.

Please look around my site and feel free to contact me with any questions.