Green Acres Village “Frills”

MGR #pending
Sire: Rainman RHA
Dam: Satin Lace BTR
DOB: 3/24/17

Frills won’t be a tall doe but she should be very solid. She’s adorable, and very  curious.

Shonyo Farm SHF “Maureen”

MGR #pending
Sire: Cruise
Dam: Shonyo Farm Marie

I love the Shonyo Farm line so when I received a message that Lynne had a doeling for sale, it wasn’t even a question of purchasing or not! Another gorgeous girl that will be a huge asset to my farm.


Shearogg Fainter’s “Bailey”

MGR #Pending
Sire: PGCH Sugar Run Ranch Barney SRR
Dam: Woody Creek Farm Trinity DKM
DOB: 12/20/16

Nine Acres Farm’s very own little Drama Queen. This doe loves the sound of her own voice (unfortunately). She yells when she’s excited, hungry, worried, hungry (she’s not known for missing a meal)…She’s a beautiful goat and will be a huge asset to my farm.


Shonyo Farm SHF “Jill”

MGR #Pending
Sire: Shonyo Farm SHF James
Dam: Shonyo Farm SHF Jeanette
DOB 4/1/16

Jill is another gorgeous goat. She’s as wide as she is tall, has amazing muscle and beautiful color.


Hillside Acres “Serena”

MGR #Pending
Sire: Hillside Acres Firestone
Dam: Hillside Acres Black Velvet
DOB 1/24/17

Another Hillside Acres addition to my farm. Serena is growing fast and filling out well. She is another great addition to the farm!