From Left > Right
Lucy – Saint Bernard
Sophie, Sunny, Marley, and Oliver – Golden Retrievers
Raffie – Bernese Mountain Dog

My pretty Saint Bernard. Lucy is fairly small for a Saint coming in at around 135 lbs. Her personality is ALL Saint Bernard though. I got Lucy when she was around 1.5 years old and I’m her 3rd home. Her previous owners were moving and didn’t want to take such a large dog to their new home (in both cases)…lucky for me! Although Lucy is a complete cuddle bug she can give great “stink eye” and I know without a doubt would be the first to protect me with her life. Saint Bernards are wonderful dogs!

My pack of Goldens (can you tell they are my favorite breed???): Sophie, Sunny, Marley, and Oliver…

I got Sophie when she was about 8 months old. Her owners decided they wanted a more aggressive breed of dog so decided she needed to find a new home. I call her the ugly child…I know. Bad mom. Soph attempts to get along with every person, animal…thing she meets, unfortunately with her barrel through life at top speed attitude it doesn’t always work. She’s great at cuddling though and when you are scratching her she “smiles” (I need to get a picture of that).

If Sophie is my tomboy, Sunny is my classic beautiful ballerina. Sunny came from a great home that made the very hard decision to re-home her so they could spend more time with their other dog. She’s the sweetest dog ever and loves every person and animal she meets. She is my favorite to cuddle up with on the couch and watch a movie in the winter 🙂

Marley is a great dog that had an unusual start in life. Marley’s first owner took him to the local shelter when he was about 8 months old because he got to be too strong for her to handle. Two young men that lived in the same apartment complex found out about him going to the shelter and adopted him. He was too strong for them to walk so he lived in their apartment and did his business on the balcony. The boys were moving and needed to find him a home…enter me. When I walked Marley out of the apartment I had the leash tied around my waist. When I got Marley to the barn where I was boarding my horses I put him in the owners back yard and let him go. It took three of us over 3 hours to get our hands on him…and it took him another 6 or 7 months before he would willingly come to me when he was loose in my back yard at home. He was in advanced obedience and could work without a leash at the training center but let him loose outside and he was like watching The Flash. Today he’s a totally different dog – pretty well-mannered and another that loves to cuddle.

The family I got Oliver from said they were moving and didn’t think it would be fair to take him with them. I know they still haven’t moved (a year later) so truly believe he was just too much puppy for them. Oliver is an instigator, a trouble maker and on a scale of 1-10 he lives life at 12. He’s smart and athletic and requires a lot of exercise…and I mean A LOT. I’m thankful for the day he pulled a long forgotten Frisbee out of the toy box because honestly I throw like a girl and that just wasn’t cutting it with him. Oliver is slowly learning patience and my goal is to get him down to about an 8 on the psychotic puppy scale. He’s not even close and there are times I want to kill him but there are also times, like when he refuses to go outside in the morning until he gets his puppy scratches, that I absolutely love him.

The silly looking black dog in the back is Raffie…an extremely poor example of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. I got Raffie when he was about 6 months old because he was getting too big and was too rambunctious to stay in the house any longer. Raffie is a moose…I tell people he’s so dumb he forgot to stop growing. He’s slightly larger than Lucy and is just a huge bundle of fun. I have always loved the Berner breed and am glad that Raffie came into my life because on those days when nothing else can make me laugh, he can.

 Gone but never forgotten….

Kaye crossed over the rainbow bridge 12/31/16

Marley crossed over the rainbow bridge 11/17/17