Around the farm…




Very pregnant does lounging around. This was taken in the spring when they still had their winter woolies on!

View From the Front yard



One of the things I love the most about my place are the views like this. There is nothing like a gorgeous sunset.


 Gorgeous Green Acres Village Tiffany showing how much she changed in a year!

D and Kodak

One of my favorite pictures of the bucks. These two powerful guys are also two of the sweetest animals on the planet. There isn’t a mean bone in either of them! Every time I come home I miss D talking to me – thankfully I know he has a fantastic home at Bureau Creek Family Farm in IL.




Annabelle (Boer doe) helping out her friends by pulling down a tree limb (not really, she’s a pig!).




Esmeralda (unknown cross) helping  herself to some choice greens.


 Another “then” and “now”; buck Jamcin’s Aladdin shows how much he’s grown and matured in 18 months.

This guy has impressed me more than I thought possible. He has a lot of frame and is really adding muscle this year (2017).

2017 Bucklings

Blackjack (black/white), Dixon (wether), Milo, Heath, and Cinna gather around their feed pan.