Jamcin’s “Twila”

MGR #D1672
Sire: Bakken’s Farm Razors Edge
Dam: Jamcin’s Twilight
DOB: 4/8/16

I had my eye on this doe from the first picture posted online. She just called to me for some reason. I’m really looking forward to seeing her kids in 2018.


Powerhouse Genetics “Bambi”

MGR #C2326
Sire: PGCH Bakken’s Farm Kid Rock
Dam: Hillside Acres Tawny
DOB: 2/6/14

For me Bambi was just one of those does I had to have. She’s got some great muscle, and nice width to her. Really happy she came to Nine Acres!


Wallace Crazy Acres Brianna (Bri)

MGR #C5212
Sire: Wallace’s Crazy Acres Chilly Willy
Dam: Wolf River Jane
DOB 2/7/15

Bri is a nice doe with well sprung ribs and great muscle. She’s very friendly and really a fun goat to have around.


Hillside Acres “Dot”

MGR #C7366
Sire: Hillside Acres Buccaneer
Dam: Hillside Acres Honor
DOB 12/18/15

Dot is an extremely well built little goat. She’s very square across the back and extremely muscular. She is definitely a great asset to Nine Acres!

 Hanna’s Snowcone (Cinder AKA Evil Goat)

MGR #B6135
Sire: Undocumented
Dam: Hanna’s Roxy
DOB 3/16/12

I really love this girl. She’s a big goat – wide and tall with excellent muscle. She’s not a “people” goat…unless you have treats but she’s an excellent mom and great at keeping all the other goats in line.

 Shonyo Farm SHF “Belle”

MGR #B6135 / PI #16644 Myotonic
 Sire:Beechkeld 1008
Dam: OCR Blisge II
DOB 4/12/13

This goat is gorgeous! She is wide with fantastic bone and muscle. I really hit the jackpot with this one!


Green Acres Village “Flimsy”

MGR #C8908
Sire: Bakken’s Farm Grand Illusion
Dam: Green Acres Village Flopsy
DOB 2/23/16

Green Acres Village “Cimaron”

MGR #C8909
Sire: Bakken’s Farm Grand Illusion
Dam: RNJ Bonnie
DOB 2/24/16


Green Acres Village “Tiffany”

MGR #C8893
Sire: Green Acres Village Joe Montana
Dam: Toffee
DOB 4/11/16

Tiffany is a cute little busy body. She’s a well built little girl with gorgeous color and shading.


Fern Hill “Holly” Day

MGR #D0997
Sire: PGCH Woody Creek Farm Daytona
Dam: Buck Creek Harper
DOB: 7/12/16

It’s so hard to get a good picture of Holly! She’s a very pretty goat and should add some size to my herd.