Nine Acres Farm Fainting Goats Sales Information

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

Please contact us to make sure your goat of choice is still available. We do our best to properly maintain our FOR SALE page(s) but there may be times when the website is not updated immediately.

All goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) under Nine Acres Farm; a transfer form will be provided after your goat has been paid in full. Please NOTE you must be a MGR member to register your goat.

A health management report will be provided with each goat and Nine Acres Farm guarantees your goat will be healthy and disease free when it leaves our property. Once the goat is in your care Nine Acres Farm will not be responsible for any health issues (including costs involved).

If your goat develops a health issue that is hereditary in nature, please contact Nine Acres Farm immediately.

Sales of adult goats: We will hold your goat of choice for up to 30 days with a non-refundable deposit. After 30 days the goat will be considered abandoned and become the property of Nine Acres Farm unless other arrangements have been made.

Sales of kids: We will hold your kid(s) until weaned or until an agreed upon pickup date with a non-refundable deposit. Kids must be picked up on the agreed date or will be considered abandoned and become property of Nine Acres Farm unless other arrangements have been made.

Any buckling can be wethered at your request. We do require payment in full in advance of wethering (unless the goat is advertised as a wether).

No refunds will be given on money received unless your goat becomes unavailable for sale.

Deposits must be received within 7 days of sale date and may be sent by check, money order or PayPal (additional fees may apply).

Final payment will be due in cash the day of pickup or by check, money order, or PayPal (additional fees may apply) prior to your goat leaving Nine Acres Farm. Please NOTE if paying by check, or PayPal, funds must clear before your goat can leave the property.

Buyers are responsible for researching transport regulations. I will be happy to assist with veterinarian needs or transportation information but all costs associated are the responsibility of the buyer.

All goats over 12 months of age are tested annually for CL, CAE, and Johne’s.