I love the Myotonic breed for so many reasons but decided to add a couple Boer does to my herd to see how they would cross with my larger Myotonic bucks. There are many commercial producers out there already breeding this cross to enhance size and meat yield.   

I plan on starting the breeding with boer does, and eventually adding Kiko and dairy influences. It will be interesting to see what the crosses I have produce in the next couple years.

If you are looking for a large, well muscled goat for commercial purposes let me know!



Unknown Cross
    DOB: January 2015

Esmeralda was an unexpected purchase but a good one. She was wild when I bought her…and I mean jump a fence to get away from you wild! A few treat and several good body scratching sessions later and she is as docile and friendly as they come. Esmeralda was bred to Aladdin for fall 2017 kidding.


100% Boer
  DOB: January 2017

Tabitha has no idea how big she is already and she’s adorable in a large, young, klutzy kid kind of way. Tabitha should mature over 150# (sire is over 200#, dam is around 150#) so she will make an interesting cross with my large Myotonic bucks in the future.


100% Boer
  DOB: February 2013

Annabelle is a large, sweet girl. She’s kidded twins every year so far and has been an excellent mom. I’m really excited to see what she does crossed with a Myotonic buck.